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PU’s degree recognition power challenged in Lahore high Court

PU’s degree recognition power challenged in Lahore high Court

Lahore High Court on Monday issued notification to Pakistan Bar Council, Punjab Bar Council, Higher Education Commission and additionally the others on the use of testing power of Punjab University to perceived degrees of law graduation.

A youthful legal advisor documented the case through Advocate Sheraz Zaka testing that after the development of Legal Education Rules 2015, the main power to perceived LLB degrees presented To High Education Commission and Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) though with the exception of LLB degrees the main power to issue identicalness authentications was given to the commission under area 10 of Higher Education Commission Ordinance, he said.

Besides, the direction guaranteed that the Punjab University had been acting past its forces and the varsity is getting cash from understudies for the sake of issuance of equality declarations for admission to bosses programs, which was totally out of line in light of the fact that the main power was given to HEC and in the event of the law degrees Pakistan Bar Council had the power.

He advance requested that the court report the demonstration of the PU unlawful and hold it under control from blackmailing more cash from understudies for the sake of degrees’ acknowledgment.

Equity Abid Aziz Sheik then issued notification to the respondents and required their answers before June twentieth, 2016. The Vice chancellor of Punjab University was additionally educated to present his answer to the application.

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