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Some of the Amazing Facts about Football

Some of the Amazing Facts about Football

When FIFA world cup starts every football lover schedules their life around the matched. Because of this craziness football is the most popular game in the world. All the players thrill you with goals and kicks. Below you will find some of the most interesting facts about the world most interesting sports. These football facts will definitely amaze you. Click here and read out Random Interesting Question

Amazing Facts about Football

Some Football Facts

  • Football was first organized in China long ago. The history says in 476 BC.
  • Football is considered as one of the most played and watched sports in the whole world.
  • As per survey about one billion football lovers watch football world cup on TV making it the most popular game on earth.
  • One of the most amazing football facts is that in the largest tournament about 5098 teams’ participated and about 35000 players participated in it.
  • The maximum number of goals score by one player in a single match was 16 and the player was Stephan Stanis who was from France. He was playing for Racing Club De Lens.
  • In December 1998 as per the video record, the fastest goal ever scored was in 2.8 seconds and the player was Ricardo Olivera who was from France.
  • Until 1913 the football goalies did not have to wear different colored T-shirts from their teammates.
  • During every game, each team player has to run about 9.65 Km. It is an average distance.
  • Another interesting random facts is the first basketball match was played by a soccer ball. Amazing.
  • The First Organized Football club was established in 1857. It was English Sheffield Football Club. It was founded by two British army officers.
  • The highest scoring game was 149. The Madagascar team scored their own goals. It was a kind of protest as the referee made the wrong decision about them in the previous match.

Some More Interesting Football Facts

  • In 1800 the first black football player played football and his name was Arthur Wharton.
  • The most amazing football Fact is Pele was the person who called football “the Beautiful Game”. Wow
  • You will be amazed to know that the world soccer was first used in England. This word is this short version of Football Association.
  • The saddest moment in the history has occurred in 1964. In Peru, a referee call caused a riot and as a result of this aggression about 300 people was killed during the match.
  • Another sad moment occurs in 1998. It was a natural disaster. Lightning killed the entire team. The team was the playing match in a village Bina Tishada and suddenly catastrophe occurred.
  • You want to know about the most unbeatable team. Here it is. ASEC Abidjan was the unbeatable team during 1989 and 1994. Nobody was able to beat them in 108 games.
  • Neil Armstrong was wishing to take football on the moon but was not allowed by NASA as it seems to be Un-American.

The ball that is used in professional games has remained unchanged for 120 years. 28 inches in circumference.

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