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Baby Girl ‘BISMA’ Dies Over Bilawal’s Protocol – Bilawal Asks to Inquire

Due to worst situation in our culture, a baby girl names “Bisma” dies due to just VIP protocols. What a shameful act done by our politicians which causes death of anyone.

Baby Girl 'BISMA' Dies Over Bilawal's Protocol - Bilawal Asks to Inquire

A 10 months old baby girl suffering from fever and disease died while struggling for life on her father’s hands when her parents were trying to get into the hospital but could not do so.

Bisma’s Father said,

First I came through bike, then on foot but was denied entry, in the meantime my baby girl died.

Where as our politician and Senior PPP Leader and Sindh Education Minister, Nisar Khuhro said in front of media without any fear,

Bilawal’s security is more important.

Bilawal, who always had security concerns, is dearest to us and whatever we did it was in the better interest of the country. As the country’s well being is linked to their security.

The protocol was necessary due to arrival of Sindh Chief Minister “Qaim Ali Shah” for whom security measures were also more important.

The man claimed that he had always voted for PPP but was rewarded with the death of his child.

All the entry and exit points were closed when Bilawal and Qaim Ali shah came to inaugurate the truama centre.

Bilawal Responses and Asked for Inquiry:

After the incident, Bilawal Zardari announced that he had been in trouble due this incident. He then tweeted,

Bilawal asks for transparent inquiry and finding should be made public so anyone found responsible must be taken to task.

Sister of PPP Chairman tweeted,

Imran Khan Response Over Twitter:

Dr. Said Ahmed Qureishi, Medical Superintendent said,

It is mainly due to encroachments around the hospital that has restricted the mobility of the people, including, patients visiting CHK.

He also added that no gate was closed.

ALLAH knows better the truth. What we can say is to ask ALLAH to give them all politicians Hidaya that they must think for the nation first rather than for themselves.

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