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Alert ! Don’t Sale Prime Minister Scheme Laptop [ Think Again ]

I’m sure many of our readers have seen the laptops distributed under the Prime Minister Scheme being sold on various websites around the internet. We won’t talk about the ethics of the situation but with the latest developments, we can safely say that anyone who sold their laptop for monetary benefit will soon be regretting their decision.

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has taken notice that many students were selling their laptops instead of using them. As a result, the HEC has made it mandatory for all students to show their laptop upon completion of their degree.

Even if the laptop is broken of malfunctioning, showing it will be necessary to get your final degree from your university. If your laptop got stolen, you’ll have to show the FIR lodged against the theft. If you can’t show your laptop or the FIR, you simply won’t be issued a degree and it will be suspended until you do. In short, any profiteering individuals are going to get their just desserts.

 Furthermore, if you have sold you laptop, HEC is soon going to find out. They are in the process of tracing anyone who has put up ads for the laptops but the consequences have not yet been made clear. The officials also have serial numbers for all laptops distributed under the scheme and they will be used to track people who have illegally sold them.

According to Dr. Mukhtar, Chairman HEC:

“The government of Pakistan, with its limited resources has tried to facilitate the youth through this scheme and if someone tries an act like this, it’s unfortunate and we are going to do everything in our power to stop them. “

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