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How to Remove Pimples

How to Remove Pimples

How to Remove Pimples.if you have a pimple that you’re dying to get rid of, a common folk remedy for acne involves using oral hygiene products (specifically dental floss and mouthwash) to attempt to remove inflamed acne. To keep pimples from coming back, though, make sure you also keep your face clean and use a few more reliable acne treatments as well to remove Pimples.

1.Wash your hands thoroughly

Wash your hands thoroughly

it’s important that you wash your hands before touching your face. The bacteria on your hand, even from just opening/closing the bathroom door, could potentially contaminate the small wound you’re about to create or enter other pores on your face.

2.Clean your face

Clean your face

it’s important that you wash your face before and after popping any pimples.Wet your face with clean lukewarm or cool water

3.Gather clean dental floss

Gather clean dental floss

Gather enough dental floss to wrap around your fingers as if you were about to floss your teeth. About 20 to 30 centimeters (approximately 8 to 12 inches) should be more than enough floss. Wrap both ends of the floss around your two forefingers so that you can properly angle and maneuver the floss

Remove the pimple

Remove the pimple

To actually remove the pimple, you’ll simply position the floss right against one side of the pimple. Then draw the taut line of dental floss across the pimple, staying as close to the surface of your skin as possible.

4.Clean the wound

Clean the wound

Some folk remedies advise using mouthwash to clean the wound after you’ve popped the pimple. The reason for this is that mouthwash has antiseptic properties (due to the alcohol content of most mouthwashes), but mouthwash will not burn as badly as higher alcohol agents like pure rubbing alcohol would

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