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Mustafa Kamal launches no-holds-barred tirade against MQM Chief

Mustafa Kamal launches no-holds-barred tirade against MQM chief
Mustafa Kamal launches no-holds-barred tirade against MQM chief

KARACHI: Former Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader and a once beloved ‘son’ of party supremo Altaf Hussain, Mustafa Kamal announced to establish his own yet-to-be named party after blowing the whistle on Karachi’s most powerful political leader in a dramatic two-hour-long press conference.

In an unprecedented tirade against Atlaf ‘Sahib’ (a notable departure from ‘Bhai’), Kamal accused him of working against the State and deceiving the people of Pakistan.

Mustafa Kamal was accompanied by senior leader and former Rabita Committee deputy convener Anees Qaimkhani.

“This is my first press conference since I left MQM,” Kamal said while addressing the media at his DHA residence in Karachi.

Explaining that he wants to address three key issues, the former Karachi mayor said that he wants to apprise everyone why they left the country in 2013, why they have come back and what they plan to do next.

“I want to recall what happened from 2008 to 2013 that led me to my decision to leave the country,” he added.

“In 2013, for the first time a non-Urdu speaking party, PTI, received numerous votes in MQM strongholds,” he said. “We thought, the MQM chief would learn from this and correct himself but he did not.”

But instead, the MQM chief threatened to attack innocent PTI workers sitting at Karachi’s Do Talwar, he continued. Further, lashing out at Altaf Hussain, Kamal said, “The MQM chief has never learnt from past mistakes and will never change.”

“We told Altaf Hussain not to issue such remarks but since he has never accepted his mistakes, he disrupted the party structure on May 19, 2013 while he was drunk,” the former Karachi mayor continued. Everyone is a witness of what happened that day with the leaders of the MQM, he added.

Kamal questioned the kind of language the MQM chief uses and said, “I wonder who we made god.”

The MQM supremo drank heavily and bluffed while he was in that state of mind, claims Kamal.

Is this what the Rabita Committee was designed and created for? To furnish excuses for Altaf Hussain’s bad words uttered on the media? he questioned. “For the last 30 years, just to save Altaf Hussain’s dignity and prestige, we kept on defending him despite all,”

Lamenting MQM’s current status, Kamal said, “We were a patriotic community, now we are called RAW agents.”

Let me tell you why I, specifically, left the party. I was scared, I was so scared that God knew what I was doing and that I could not stop all that had been happening. I thought that to keep myself at the minimum level of Iman [faith] I can at least distance myself from all this mess, he continued.

“Our conscience had awakened and that is why we distanced ourselves from the wrongdoings,” Mustafa Kamal added. “I also knew myself and my family had life threats and that we would be killed if we opposed Altaf Hussain.”

And it was then when Allah bestowed His blessings upon us that we understand that decisions such as life and death are with Allah and not with Altaf Hussain.

The former Karachi mayor also claimed, “Back at that time I also knew Altaf Hussain’s people from the Indian and South African ‘setups’ were involved in killings in Karachi.”

I did not have any money nor any property, perks or privileges that I would worry about keeping and it was easier for me to wave goodbye to everything, he further said.

“Everyone from the establishment to those at the helm of affairs knew very well that Altaf Hussain had links with Indian spy agency RAW,” he alleged.

The first proof of Altaf’s links with India’s premier spy agency emerged when Scotland Yard found evidence from Dr Imran Farooq’s house after his murder, he continued. Delving into details regarding Scotland Yard’s questioning of MQM leaders, Kamal said, “Scotland Yard questioned Muhammad Anwar, Tariq Mir and Altaf Hussain and presented all the documents bearing witness to Altaf Hussain and other MQM leader’s relationship with RAW.”

Mustafa Kamal launches

Altaf Hussain used to ‘summon’ then interior minister Rehman Malik to London and then ask Tariq Mir, Anwar Khan, myself and others to ‘apprise’ Malik, the former Karachi mayor further alleged.

We landed in Pakistan today, to ask Altaf Hussain to start worrying about workers of the party and to speak the truth to them, he claimed.

“Altaf Hussain wants establishment to kill innocent people so that he can play politics over dead bodies. But we have come to make people aware of the scheme,” the former Karachi mayor added.

Further, Mustafa Kamal said, “MQM has been taking funds from Indian spy agency RAW for the last 20 years.” He also questioned who made Saulat Mirza a murderer. “Who asked Saulat Mirza to kill Shahid Hamid?”

Mustafa Kamal broke down mid press conference and said party workers were not originally from RAW, but were made to work for the spy agency after they became members of MQM.

Mustafa Kamal launches212

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