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No Way Empire Really Just Shot and Killed Off Its Best Character, Right

No Way Empire Really Just Shot and Killed Off Its Best Character, Right

No Way Empire Really Just Shot and Killed Off Its Best Character, Right

Gee golly they didn’t… do them

Domain is one of the juiciest evening time cleansers around—so we’re going to bring with a grain of salt the way that the last we saw of the best character on the show in today’s penultimate scene of season two, he was seeping out on a celebrity lane subsequent to being freakin’ SHOT.

What’s more, Jamal took the slug for his homophobic, potentially sociopathic father, who had just a couple of scenes prior said he trusted his center child passed on from AIDS. Those are absolutely the expressions of a human rubbish fire, not a father whose child ought to yield his life for him.

Really, to be completely forthright, it appeared like Jamal attempted to prevent Freda from shooting Lucious (on the grounds that he thinks about her and didn’t need her to settle on such a ruinous choice) as opposed to attempting to prevent Lucious from being shot


The entire reason Freda raged toward the Lyon family was on the grounds that she discovered that Lucious is the person who slaughtered her father, Frank—envision how disturbed she’ll be the point at which she discovers that Cookie is the person who squealed on Frank in any case.

Prior to the shooting, Jamal had chosen to separate ties with his family and rack his collection, yet now the entire Lyon family is sitting in the doctor’s facility watching for any news about his destiny. What’s more, uh, so are we—and it would appear that we’ll need to sit tight for one week from now’s season finale to discover what it’ll be.

The teaser for the season two ender likewise highlighted a showdown amongst Rhonda and Anika (now that Rhonda has acknowledged Anika is the person who pushed her down the stairs), Anika apparently hopping off an overhang (!!) and Lucious and Cookie getting married once more. This show is nothing if not momentous!

What’s more, incidentally, Jamal is by all accounts the special case who perceives how crazy his family is at this moment, which means he’s the main fair Lyon right now. (Treat’s as yet astounding, yet she’s generally as cray as Lucious. You obviously need to associate with her for all the remarkableness to rub off, however Jamal’s the Lyon you’d likely need to be companions with.)

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