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3 Amazing Hot Dog Recipe That You Cook Very Easily

Hot Dog Recipe

The Hot Dog Recipe is simply a delicious one. The cuisine of Karachi. Very easy to cook and very  yummy to enjoy. You can enjoy it instead of your evening snacks. Here we are sharing three styles to make it…. #1: SIMPLE STYLE: Ingredients: 4 Sausages 4 tbsp olive oil 6 cloves …

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3 Tasteful Bun Kebab Recipe That You Can Cook

Bun Kebab Recipe

The Bun Kebab Recipe is a simple dish with delicious taste. Actually it a Pakistani Street Dish. Very simple to cook and very yummy to enjoy…. #1 STYLE: Ingredients: Elements for Kebabs: Onion coarsely hacked 2 Catch red chilies 12 Mince 500 gm Gram lentil 1 cup Water 3 cup Salt 2 tsp All flavor 2 tsp …

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2 Amazing Beef Burger Recipe That You Cook Easily

Beef Burger Recipe

The Beef Burger Recipe is simply an awesome dish. Specially for children. You can enjoy it instead of your evening snacks or in lunch or dinner too. Here we are sharing two styles to cook it. Enjoy! #1: THE SIMPLE ONE: Ingredients: 500 g minced beef toss steak 20 g cleaved coriander 1 …

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6 Delicious And Easy Chicken Burger Recipe


Chicken Burger Recipe is very delicious. It has become very common specially in child community. But you should also be a health conscious. Enjoy this recipe but avoid to eat it twice a week or a month. We are sharing here six different styles. Enjoy…. #1: SIMPLE STYLE CHICKEN BURGER: Ingredients: …

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