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Stylish Chicken Cupcakes recipe

Stylish Chicken Cupcakes recipe

Bread in base and filled with chicken, cabbage and cheese these Chicken Cupcakes are best as snack. You can serve Chicken Cupcakes recipe them in evening tea.


1.Brad twelve slaysz

2.Four dining spoons butter

3.As garlic flavor

4.Salt to taste

5.Customization pepper to taste (Chicken in a cup (boiled and fiber

6.A half cup of fried cabbage (Austria

7.Green coriander ½ cup

8.Two tablespoons green pepper

9.Eating a tablespoon of vinegar

10.Two tablespoons soy sauce

11.Muzryla is a cup

Cooking Method:

  • Slice the bread in round cookie cutter to cut out the middle and take out the edge.
  • Now add the melted butter, two teaspoons of food salt and pepper.
  • Then brush the cake tray with butter shakes.
  • Slice the bread and place the cake tray.
  • Then add the chicken and fry Street melted butter, two teaspoons of food.
  • Then add the green pepper, salt, pepper, vinegar, soy sauce, cabbage and green coriander.
  • Then take it into the cake base muzryla top with chicken.
  • Now back at one hundred and eighty degrees oven for ten minutes or until golden on the grade

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