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4 Delicious Milky Burfi Recipe That You Cook Easily

Milky Burfi Recipe

The Milky Burfi Recipe is simply a delicious dish and mostly common in Pakistan. A mouth watering dish for people specially for children. Here we are sharing 4 styles hope you like…. #1 STYLE: Ingredients: Entire milk 3 1/2 cups Overwhelming cream 1/2 cup Lemon juice strained 3 tbsp Elucidated spread or ghee 1 …

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3 Amazing Styles Of Habshi Halwa Recipe

Habshi Halwa Recipe

The Habshi Halwa Recipe is simply the delicious type of sweets. It is also known as Multani Halwa. this sweet dish is mostly used in winters. People like it very much. Here we are sharing three styles to cook it…. Enjoy!!!! #1 STYLE: Ingredients: Samnak (wheat extract) 250 gm Milk …

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