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Spicy Onion Noodles recipe

Homemade Onion noodles recipe

Its Yummy and Spicy recipe with Onion to make beautiful Noodles.Onion noodles recipe with vegetables and timeless with low efforts.for more Home made recipes visit dailyanytime Recipes.


  • Four hundred grams of noodles or aspyghty
  • (Six onions (cut into slices
  • (Carrots sliced into three pieces (Slice
  • (Capsicum sliced in three pieces (Slice
  • (Garlic cut in eight gambling (finely sliced
  • (Green coriander spoon three meals (severed
  • (A third of a teaspoon celery (chopped
  • Half teaspoon cayenne pepper, or to taste food as
  • (Salt to taste (less quantity, because the salt in soy sauce already exists
  • Three-quarters cup soy sauce
  • One-third cup vinegar
  • Ujjain Konishi half teaspoon
  • A teaspoon of sugar
  • Five-spice powder, one-third teaspoon
  • One-third teaspoon white pepper
  • Two to four teaspoons sesame
  • Eight to ten tablespoons oil

Cooking Method of Onion Noodles recipe:

  • Boil the noodles and wash with cold water.
  • They sleep hot oil and onion in a large pan until edges turn golden.
  • Now, garlic, sesame, celery and red pepper then put to sleep for forty-five seconds.
  • Now add the carrots and capsicum and fry Street for five minutes to four.
  • Then salt, Ujjain Konishi, five spice powder, white pepper and sugar and fry until fragrant Street.
  • Now add the noodles in soy sauce and vinegar.
  • Mix well and cook until the water dry.
  • Take off the heat and mix severed Green coriander Serve hot.


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