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Prawns Cutlets recipe

Prawns Cutlets recipe That you cook easily

You can made very amazing and delicious prawns cutlets recipe at you your home we can share you easy recipe that you cook easily so Lets start


  • A kilogram of shrimps
  • Four teaspoons vinegar
  • Fifty grams of butter
  • Garlic six casinos
  • One hundred grams of onion
  • Ten grams of ginger
  • A teaspoon of black pepper powder
  • Slice bread seven
  • Tomato juice, two teaspoons of food
  • Green peppers four
  • Bread crumb cup
  • Salt to taste
  • Red pepper Customization
  • Food Customization

Cooking Method:

  • The Wash and thoroughly clean the shrimp and keep the salt.
  • Garlic, onion and ginger finely cut peel.
  • Finely cut green chilies.
  • The little slice of bread soaked in water to keep.
  • The hot food in a pot then.
  • I’ll put half brown onions.
  • Then the ginger, garlic and fry the shrimps.
  • After three minutes, pepper, tomato juice, add salt, vinegar, chopped green pepper and a cup of water put half the amount of outstanding onion and cook over medium heat.
  • Take down the water then dry the dishes and ingredients they grind finely.
  • Now, mix thoroughly mixed with sawdust to squeeze slice of soaked bread in the bread.
  • Then make kilts and kids love to cook and heat the butter in a fry pan heat and light.
  • Take out of the red


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