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Shahjahani Biryani

Shahjahani Biryani is inspired from Mughal cuisine. Marinade chicken makes a mouthwatering taste along almonds and pistachio. It goes great with raita and serving of mixed greens / salad.

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Goanese Chicken Biryani

Learn is a very surprising recipe in taste! Goanese Chicken Biryani used green chilies for making a delicious spicy flavor. Must try Goanese Chicken Biryani in your next dine.

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Spicy Chinioti Biryani

Explore a new variety in rice dish. Traditional Chinioti Biryani is ready with simple and regular ingredients but it has a different taste. How? Let try this recipe!

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Chinese Fried Rice with Sauce

Chinese Fried Rice is famous in Pakistan and people rush to restaurant for eating these delicious and tasty rice. Let attempt this amazing recipe and get an authentic taste of rice and serve with tangy sauce.

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3 Exclusive Styles Of Sweet Corn Fried Rice Recipe

Sweet Corn Fried Rice Recipe

The Sweet Corn Fried Rice Recipe is the delicious kind of dish. Very yummy and also very healthy and light dish. Cook this recipe for your children and enjoy! #1: SIMPLE STYLE: Ingredients: Basmati Rice 2 cups Sweet Corn Kernels 1 cup Little Carrot 4 (finely hacked) Cabbage 1/2 cup (slashed, finely cleaved) Garlic …

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6 Delicious And Tasty Chicken Biryani Recipe To Enjoy


Chicken Biryani Recipe is very famous all over the Pakistan. People like it very much. It is very easy to cook. Here we are sharing six different types of Chicken Biryani….. #1: SIMPLE BIRYANI STYLE: Ingredients: Chicken 2 kg Ginger garlic paste 4 tsp Salt 3 tsp( or to taste) Red …

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2 Delicious Seafood Biryani Recipe That You Cook Easily


Seafood Biryani Recipe is simply a delicious one. A majority of people of Pakistan like this recipe. Prawn and Fish Biryani recipe is very amazing. Just try and enjoy. #1: THE PRAWN BIRYANI STYLE: Ingredients: Prawns 1 kg Rice 1 kg (bubbled) Oil 1 1/2 glass Ginger garlic glue 2 tbsp Tomatoes 6 …

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4 Delicious And Tasty Chicken Pulao Recipe To Cook


Chicken Pulao Recipe  is simply a delicious kind of a recipe. Many people love to eat it instead of biryani but it has its own importance. We are sharing here 4 different styles in hoping that you like…. #1: CHICKEN PULAO: Ingredients: Chicken thighs 6 3 cup basmati rice 2 tbsp …

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