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Spicy Banana Curry Recipe

Spicy Banana Curry

Banana Curry recipe is most favorite recipe specially in Asian Countries, So Today we have share with you its recipe with cooking methods


  • Banana six
  • Three cups of thick tamarind juice
  • (Almond base number (the boiled and peeled
  • (Cayenne has four (Kitty
  • Three tbsp jaggery
  • Salt to taste
  • (I eat two teaspoons of ground ginger (
  • (Black cumin, a tablespoon of food (the roasted and crushed
  • (A teaspoon of black cumin (the
  • An arthritic mint
  • Two tablespoons oil

Cooking Method:

  • Heat oil in a frying pan in the almonds and fresh red peppers can be put Tel.
  • Now in the thick tamarind juice, jaggery, chopped red pepper, roasted and ground black cumin, black cumin and ginger are proven to cook five minutes.
  • Then put bananas in it.
  • Finally ready to put delicious banana mint and vegetable salt.


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