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Tasty Behari Boti Recipe

Tasty Behari Boti Recipe Behari Boti recipe has little different ingredients such as bengal gram powder and mustard oil to create an amazing finger licking taste. Ingredients: Fly pound of beef (finely chopped) One hundred grams of yogurt Papaya paste spoon two meals Onions were a number (chopped and fried) …

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Healthy Zafrani Paaye Recipe

Healthy Zafrani Paaye Recipe Healthy Zafrani Paaye Recipe is very delicious and very easy to cook at home. Ingredients: Boiled found a number Oil Cup Two pieces of onion One hundred twenty-five grams of yogurt Salt to taste Coriander and half teaspoon of powdered tea Red chili powder in two …

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Bong Do Piyaza Recipe

Bong Do Piyaza Recipe Bong Do Piyaza is a famous dish in Pakistan and India. You can add this recipe in your dine. Must try at the occasion of Eid. Ingredients: 1. Bong pound of flesh 2. A cup of ghee 3. Cardamom big four (the three) 4. Sharp leaves two to …

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Delicious Paya Curry Recipe

Delicious Paya Curry Recipe Paya Curry is the most popular dish in Punjab. A spicy curried soup rich with gelatin from the marrow of bones. Now you can cook this Delicious Paya Curry at your home, just follow step by step instructions mention below. Ingredients: 1. The beef (front part) of …

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Tasty Beef Goulash Recipe

Tasty Beef Goulash Recipe Beef Goulash Recipe made with ketchup, BBQ sauce and other spices this beef goulash is a quick and easy recipe with a delicious taste. Ingredients: 1. Andrkt pound 2. A quarter cup of oil 3. ½ cup onion (sliced) 4. Eating a tablespoon ginger garlic paste 5. ½ …

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