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4 Exclusive Styles Of Mixed Vegetables Recipe To Cook

Mixed Vegetables Recipe

The Mixed Vegetables Recipe is simply a best dish for winter. That’s y it is called winter dish. Very tasty and very healthful because it includes numbers of vegetables which is very necessary for your healthy life. Here for you, sharing four styles. Try and enjoy….  #1 STYLE: Ingredients: Potato …

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Delicious And Tasty Band Gobhi Gosht Recipe

Band Gobhi Gosht Recipe

The Band Gobhi Gosht Recipe (Meat with Cabbage) is also the famous dish of Pakistan home cooking. Cabbage contain a lot of nutritional values. It also helps in weight losing. Here we are sharing the best way to cook it with meat… Ingredients:  Cabbage 1 kg Meat 1 kg Ghee …

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2 Exclusive Styles of Phool Gobhi Gosht Recipe

Phool Gobhi Gosht Recipe

The Phool Gobhi Gosht Recipe (Meat with Cauliflower)is the famous dish of Pakistani Cuisine, having delicious taste. People loved to enjoy this dish on their weekends. Children like it also. Here are the two styles t cook it.. #1: WITH MEAT: Ingredients: Beef ( Boiled with Little Salt ) 1 kg Onions, Thinly …

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2 Exclusive Styles of Gajar Gosht Recipe

Gajar Gosht Recipe

The Gajar Gosht Recipe is simply a tasty dish. Its a very famous dish of Pakistan. Carrot(gajar) contains a lot vitamins, calcium and iron. We are sharing here two styles to cook it… #1: SIMPLE STYLE: Ingredients:  Carrots 250 gm slashed  Tomatoes 4 medium  Mutton 500 gm  Oil 4 tbsp  Onion …

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2 Delicious Matar Gosht Recipe To Cook Easily

Matar Gosht Recipe

The Matar Gosht Recipe is the delicious recipe of Pakistani Cuisine. Very easy to cook and also very yummy. Here we are sharing two styles…… #1: WITH MEAT: Ingredients: Mutton 1 lb Peas 1/2 mug Onion 2 dish spoon Yogurt 3/4 cup Salt 1 tsp (to taste) Red bean stew powder …

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4 Delicious And Tasty Matar Ki Sabzi Recipe

Matar Ki Sabzi Recipe

The Matar Ki Sabzi Recipe is the delicious one. Peas(matar) is a low fat vegetable. It contains vitamins, iron, calcium. Here we are sharing four different styles of Matar Ki Sabzi recipe…. hope you guys will enjoy.. #1: SIMPLE STYLE: Ingredients: 250 gm new green peas (matar) 1 Tbsp oil 1/8 tsp …

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4 Tasty And Delicious Palak Sabzi Recipe To Enjoy

Palak Sabzi Recipe

The Palak Sabzi Recipe is very delicious one. The Spinach(palak) is very healthy for us. It contains a major part of iron and so on. Here we are sharing four different styles to make this dish….. #1: SIMPLE STYLE(PALAK BHUJYA): Ingredients: 1 huge dish of washed and cleaved spinach 1 …

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4 Delicious Palak Gosht Recipe To Enjoy

Palak Gosht Recipe

The Palak Gosht Recipe is one of the delicious cuisine of Pakistan. People loved to enjoy it. It is very common all around the Pakistan and in India too Here we are sharing four different styles…. #1: SIMPLE STYLE: Ingredients: 1/2 kg of Mutton 12 clusters of Spinach (Palak) (finely hacked) 4 medium …

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5 Tasty And Delicious Karela Sabzi Recipe To Enjoy

Karela Sabzi Recipe

The Karela Sabzi Recipe is one of my favourite. Very tasty and also very healthy. The Bitter Gourd(karelas) purifies your blood that’s why it is very useful. Here we are sharing 5 different styles… #1: SPICY ONE: Ingredients: 2 to 3 medium karelas, cut into slender wedges with seeds uprooted …

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3 Delicious Vegetables Soup Recipe That You Cook Easily

Vegetables Soup Recipe

The Vegetables Soup Recipe is the delicious one. For those who are not interested in Chicken or Chinese soups, don’t worry, lets try Vegetables one…. Very healthy to for your health and also very yummmmy…. #1: SIMPLE STYLE: Ingredients: Mix Vegetables 250 grams Tomatoes 2-3 Slashed Garlic 3 Squashed Black Pepper 1/2 tsp Red bean …

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