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8 Different Yummy Kulfi Recipe You Cook Easily

Kulfi Recipe is very easy to cook. It is very yummy. Personally i like it a lot. Definately  you guys also like it. In winter, people said that don’t eat freezy things. But it is more pleasure to have these type in winter. Here we are discussing different types of homemade Kulfi which you can make so easily…


Ingredients (Simple Homemade Kulfi):

  • 1 liter full fat milk
  • 200 ml dense milk
  • 1 squeeze(pinch) of saffron
  • 2 teaspoons milk
  • 1 tablespoon pistachios (slashed)

Cooking Method:

  1. Put 1 litre milk in a vast substantial construct pan and place container with respect to medium high warmth till the milk bubbles.
  2. Reduce warmth and let the milk stew revealed, mixing constantly with a wooden spoon.
  3. Cook the milk till it is reduced to half of it, blending constantly.
  4. This is crucial to prevent the milk from burning and to anticipate skin shaping on the milk.
  5. As the milk decreases, you will see a thick rich buildup adhering to the sides of the skillet. Scratch this once more into the milk and mix to break down .
  6. When the milk is reduced to half, remove it from the heat and cool slightly. Stir at intervals to avoid skinning .
  7. When the milk is cooled slightly, add the condensed milk and stir vigorously to completely mix.
    Soak the saffron in 2 tablespoons of warm milk. Add this to the milk mixture while it is still warm and mix gently.
  8. At long last include the chopped pistachios and mix afresh to blend .
  9. Cool the kulfi blend totally and after that fill kulfi forms and secure the water/air proof tops. This amount is sufficient for 5 medium sized shapes or 4 extensive measured ones. In the event that you don’t have kulfi molds, empty the blend into a compartment with an impenetrable cover and smooth top. Snap on the top.
  10. Freeze in icebox cooler for 4-6 hours.
  11. Take out of the cooler 5-7 minutes before serving.
  12. Unmould the kulfi and present with some hacked pistachios on top and enjoy.

Ingredients (Khoya Kulfi Recipe):

  1. Milk – 1 1/4 litre
  2. Khoya – 250g
  3. Sugar – 1 cup
  4. Green cardamoms – 2
  5. Bread slices – 2
  6. Corn flour – 1 tbsp

Cooking Method:

  1. Put sugar and green cardamoms in milk and cook on low warmth until it’s diminished to 750 ml.
  2. At that point include bread cuts and corn flour (blend in smidgen of water).
  3. Cook for an additional 10 minutes and take it off the warmth and let it cool down.
  4. Now add khoya and put it in the grinder and grind until milk and Khoya mix well.
  5. Then put the mixture in the bowl or kulfi form and freeze it.
    Your yummy Khoya Kulfi is ready to serve.

Ingredients (Malai Kulfi Recipe):

  • Milk 1 liter, full fat
  • Powdered sugar 1/2 glass
  • Cardamom (elaichi) 4piece
  • Pistachio (pista) 12 pieces
  • Cashew nuts (kaju) 12 pieces

Cooking Method:

  1. In a wide dish warmth full fat milk.
  2. Let the milk stew and mix occasionally with the goal that it doesn’t adhere to the base of container.
  3. Stew the milk until it is decreased to half.
  4. Presently include powdered sugar, pistachio (pista), cashew nuts (kaju), cardamom powder (elaichi powder) and mix well.
  5. Let’s get the milk to simmer on low heat until it is reduced to 1/4 of the original amount .
    As soon as the milk is reduced to 1/4 , malai kulfi is ready . Let kulfi cools down completely.
  6. Pour the blend in kulfi molds.
  7. Place the molds in profound stop area of icebox and let it get set for around 7-8 hrs or overnight.
  8. Yummy malai kulfi is prepared to serve. Unmold the kulfi and serve chilled.

Ingredients (Matka Kulfi Recipe):

  • Entire milk-1 liter
  • Sugar-100 gm
  • Cleaved blended dry natural product 1/3 container (Cashew nuts, pistachio, almond)
  • Saffron-1 squeeze

Cooking Method:

  1. Turn on the fire and put the milk skillet on it, let the milk bubble.
  2. Stew the fire, include sugar and blend it.
  3. Heat up the milk on low-medium fire till itreduces to 1/4 of its unique amount (continue blending in the middle).
  4. Turn off the fire and let it cool down.
  5. Include saffron and chopped dried fruit into the prepared malai and mix it(You may add the dry fruits and saffron at the time of boiling of milk).
  6. Take Matka , fill the pot with prepared malai in it , sprinkle some saffron threads on them . Cover it with foil paper , put it in freezer for 6-8 hours .
  7. Take out from feezer, garnish with cleaved pistachio and almond.
    Your yummy, delicious Matka Kulfi is ready to serve.

Ingredients (Paan Kulfi Recipe):

  • 10 betel leaves (paan)
  • 1 ltr full cream milk
  • 400 gms organic Or sugar
  • 100 ml full cream
  • 2 tbsp rice flour / corn flour mixed with 2 tbsp water
  • 1 tbsp milk powder
  • 6 cardamoms crushed
  • 2 tbsp gulkhand (rose petal jam) Or 4 fresh red rose petals
  • 1 tbsp fennel seed
  • ½ t/s nutmeg powder
  • 2 tbsp crushed Or chopped pistachio
  • 1 tbsp rose water
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1 tbsp fennel seed(saunf)
  • some desiccated coconut flakes(pisa khopra)
  • few rose petals
  • some rose syrup(Arq-e-gulaab)

Cooking Method:

  1. To start with take paan drench them in water for ten to fifteen minutes.
  2. Presently crease the paan from the inside and cleave the stem with a blade.
  3. Rehash the same with all other Paan. Hack or tear the container by hand.
  4. Grind paan, fennel seeds, gulkhand when utilizing or new flower petals and cream. Grind until smooth glue is framed.
  5. Take drain and cook on a wide bottomed pot over low warmth.
  6. When milk starts to air pocket sugar, pounded cardamom seeds with cases.
  7. Blend corn flour or rice flour with water. Mix in the milk blend.Keep stirring else could it be lumps.
  8. Cook until milk thickens and reduced to half. Keep stirring in between. Now remove the cardamom pods and add crushed pistachios, ground nutmeg, Rose water and salt. Combine all beautiful.
  9. Turn off the gas and put aside. It is important to ensure that the milk mixture to cool.
  10. At last cream Paan blend and blend well. Pour kulfi in edges or structures Freeze until firm.
  11. Now you can serve it. Serve chilled embellished with some destroyed coconut drops, rose syrup, fennel seeds and flower petals.

Ingredients (Mango Kulfi):

  • 2½ mugs milk
  • ¼ glass milk powder
  • ½ glass dense milk (I utilized sweetened consolidated milk)
  • ¼ container sugar
  • 1 container mango pulp

Cooking Method:

  1. Put every one of the fixings aside from the mango pulp in a non-stick skillet and blend well. Heat this blend to the point of boiling and afterward for 10 minutes , stew until thickened . Cool totally. Include the mango mash and blend well.
  2. You can utilize this in a container you need . Be that as it may, generally Kulfi dessert in these uncommon structures , where the ice is set served .
  3. Empty the ice into individual kulfi molds and freeze them for 6-8 hours.
  4. Now your yummy Mango Kulfi is ready. Unmould and serve and enjoy.

 Ingredients (Cranberry Kufli):

  • 4 glasses milk
  • 1 glass condensed milk
  • 2 cups cream(whipped)
  • 1/4 cup slashed nuts(pista)
  • 1/4 cup slashed cranberries.
  • A squeeze saffron(Use powdered saffron)

Cooking Method:

  1. Take a pot and blend boiled milk, condensed and whipped cream with the hand
  2. processor (blender).
  3. Presently blend pista, cranberries and saffron powder in it.
  4. Put into an air fixed compartment and put in the cooler for 4 to 6 hours.
  5. Your Cranberry Kulfi is ready to enjoy.

Ingredients (Pista Kulfi):

  • Milk 6 cups
  • Corn flour 2 tbsp or as required
  • Cardamom 1 tsp
  • Sugar as required
  • Burfi/Khoya/Qalaqand 4 little pieces
  • Green cardamom 1 tsp
  • Pistachio 20 pieces

Cooking Method:

  1. Take a cup of milk and dissolve corn flour in it .
  2. Warmth again a large portion of some milk mix burfi and blend to join well until no bumps remain .
  3. Presently cook 2 mugs remaining milk with sugar , cardamom powder , pistachios and blend cook mixing , until thickened milk cornmeal.
  4. Presently include these some milk , in the burfi was disbanded . Blend and bring a bubble expel from warmth and let cool .
  5. Pour clear cover in plastic form and permitted to cool for 7-8 hours or until solidified .
  6. In the event that descent to take out of the cooler before a while and present with noodles or rose syrup falooda string.

Hope you guys try these different Kulfi Recipes. leave your reply and also do not forget to like us on facebook.

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