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Interesting Bermuda Island Facts

Interesting Bermuda Island Facts

Interesting Bermuda Island Facts.Are you planning to avail any of those Bermuda holidays that you have seen in the ad? Or maybe, you simply wanted to know more about this place because it is so interesting? Well, regardless of your reason for seeking more information about this territory, here are some facts that would surely fuel your curiosity even more. Actually, these things about Bermuda are one of the factors that have induced people to visit the place.

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Fact #1 – Bermuda is one of the 3 corners that made up the infamous Bermuda triangle. Its exact location is north of the Atlantic ocean and some 580 miles from the eastern part of Cape Hatteras.

Fact #2 – Bermuda is really composed of 180 islands contrary to what most people think that it is just one big island. A few of these islands are very small that people cannot inhabit them. All in all, the Bermuda has a total area of 21 square miles (major and small islands included).

Fact #3 – Out of the 120 islands that comprised the Bermuda, only 20 are occupied and 7 of them are connected to the main island through exquisite pathways and bridges.

Fact #4 – If you will look up Bermuda in a map, you will see that it is just a mere dot to the sight. However, look at it closely and you will make out an area that is shaped like a fish hook.

Fact #5 – Bermuda Island was formed after the volcanic eruption took place many years ago in the ocean floor. So, it is not a surprising to find that everything from the sea floor up to 200 feet under the topmost level of the water is composed of volcanic rocks. Now, what you will see beyond the volcanic rocks up to the surface of the island are limestone rocks, corals, and seashells.

Fact #6 – The coral reefs that are growing from the ocean floor posed danger to passing ships. In fact, most of the ship wrecks around Bermuda were caused by these reefs.

Fact #7 – There is no fresh water around Bermuda so most of the residential houses have limestone roofs. The reason for this is to catch rain water and then store it directly to a designated reservoir where further water purification process takes place.

Fact #8 – The weather in this area is perfect for Bermuda holidays because it was categorized as sub-tropical. This means, the atmosphere is normally neither too cold nor too hot. Although, rainfall is plentiful in this area, you can still enjoy eight hours of bright sunshine for about 315 days per year. Bermuda does not have a specific rainy period so rain can come any time.

Fact #9 – The region was divided into nine districts or parishes.

Fact #10 – The island boasts of beautiful golf courses and 34 splendid pink sand beaches with impressive sceneries.

Lastly, Bermuda holidays will not be complete without mentioning the warm inhabitants of Bermuda. They are so accommodating, polite, and friendly. Truly, the people in Bermuda is one factor why holiday makers kept on coming back for another unforgettable holiday.

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