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Women Facts About Pregnancy

Women Facts About Pregnancy

Women Facts About Pregnancy.For any couple who are trying to have a child together they want to learn as much as they can not only about how to conceive a child, but what happens when the woman does become pregnant. Certainly the more a couple understand this stage of life then of course the more prepared they will be to cope with anything that should happen throughout the pregnancy. When it comes to pregnancy facts we all know the basics. But in this article we take a look at some of the more obscure ones.

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Fact 1 – Every month a normal couple will have a 25 percent chance of being able to conceive a baby together.

Fact 2 – What many couples do not realize is that there is only a 5 to 7 day window of opportunity for couples to have intercourse and which will most likely result in the woman then become pregnant.

Fact 3 – Not many but a few women will claim that they have actually been able to feel when the ovaries release the eggs.

Fact 4 – Around 80 percent of all healthy couples will find that the woman becomes pregnant within a year of them actually choosing to live together.

Fact 5 – It is important that a woman during her pregnancy consumes sufficient amounts of folic acid. If a pregnant woman does not have enough folic acid in her body this can result in the child being born with severe deformities including brain or spinal cord defects.

Fact 6 – It is vital that during the first stage (trimester) of her pregnancy a woman does not bath in a hot bath as this could cause injury to her unborn child. Research has been carried out and clearly shows that if the woman’s body heat is high during the first 3 months of her pregnancy it may lead to the child being born with certain birth defects.

Fact 7 – Where a couple own a cat then it is important that during the pregnancy the woman does not actually clean out the animals litter tray. In it may be a parasite that can spread a disease to women when pregnant known as toxoplasmosis. This disease can result in the child being born with defects including brain damage or blindness.

Fact 8 – A woman who weighs a healthy amount can expect during her pregnancy to gain an additional 25 to 35 pounds in weight. However for women who are considered to be overweight on average these women can expect to put on a further 15 to 25 pounds during their pregnancy. But if a woman is considered to be underweight then the weight she may gain during her pregnancy can range from 28 to 40 pounds, but this is dependent on what she weighed prior to becoming pregnant. Plus of course if a woman is going to be having more than one child (a multiple birth) then of course she can expect to gain even more weight.

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