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Victory of PTI VS PML-N for NA-154 Lodharn with 60 Per Cent Turnout

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Jangir Tareen finally won against Siddique Khan Baloch in NA-154 Lodhran last night in Election. It is a great victory for PTI against PML-N in Punjab since it looked quite amazing with the result that shocked everyone as it was about 60 per cent turnout.

Victory of PTI VS PML-N for NA-154 Lodharn with 60 Per Cent Turnout

Despite announcing the multibillion project by self visiting of PM Nawaz Sharif to the district Lodhran, the PML-N faced defeat against winning party (PTI).

There had been some fights between political parties supporters in few of polling stations. As per unofficial NA-154 results, about 43,806 votes margin was there that caused 60 per cent leading position for PTI.

Multan’s RPO Tariq Masood Yaseen reported,

3,580 officials of police were deployed on security duties and the arrangement was monitored by fours SPs and 14 DSPs

Lodhran’s DCO Muhammad Shahid Niaz had enforced Section 144

Carrying licenced firearms, display of weapons, aerial firing and conducting rallies, processions and gathering of more than five persons within the 300 metre radius of polling station.

Tareen told he had collected all the results himself and said,

Today’s results confirm that the PML-N had rigged the May 2013 polls. My victory is the victory of people of Lodhran.

PTI Members celebrated a party with co-workers at Tareen’s farmhouse.

The Party Chairman Imran Khan Tweeted and congratulates the winning candidate “Jhangir Khan Tareen” for his victory.

Further Imran Khan announced for the visit to Lodhran and taunted PM Nawaz Sharif with his tweets about buying peoples’ mind for Rs. 2.5 b package.

A great victory for PTI for NA-154.

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