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Reham Khan Says I am Pathan and I fear No One, Says on Return to Pakistan

Reham had left Pakistan and went to London on the same day the news was trending about her divorce.

Reham Khan Says I am Pathan and I fear No One, Says on Return to Pakistan

The Journalist Reham Khan on return to Pakistan on Thursday, December 03, 2015 talks to media and says,

“I am a pathan, we know how to give our lives and fight. People think they will scare me, threaten me or use bad language with me because I’m a woman… When one is innocent and in the right, why should they be quiet?”

Later She added,

“There has never been a lack of love and support from the people of Pakistan and there are only four people who have spoken out against me.”

Reham Khan is a brave lady who has been working since she got married to PTI Chairman Imran Khan. To a response for one question asked to her about any money she had received from any PTI member, she clearly says,

“I have not taken flats from any PTI member”

Showing her passion, she further said,

“Without affiliation to any party, I will continue to work for street children and will work hard to bring an end to child labour in the country,”

Reham Khan is also the niece of Abdul Hakeem Khan who has been a former governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for one and half year.

Sources who are closed to her declared,

“Reham Khan has been issued threats online and in emails. She has been warned of very serious consequences. She has proofs available which show that threats to her life are serious and she is worried that she may be attacked.”

We wish her best of luck for the work she is doing for the children and pray for the safety of her including every woman in Pakistan and outside the Pakistan.

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