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Facts About YouTube Open in Pakistan – The Thing You Should Know

Yesterday we saw a huge response in social media specially on Facebook about people talking that YouTube is Open in Pakistan. Although the fact is different as what we see. A large number of users are already accessing YouTube without any proxy via some internet companies by using https.

Facts About YouTube Open in Pakistan - The Thing You Should Know

Further, most of users are accessing via VPN or proxies to get access to world’s largest video site.

However people started talking about its opening across Pakistan as you can see below.

YouTube is open in Pakistan 2 YouTube is open in Pakistan 2

Interestingly, many of the companies have still not given accessed to the site. We checked on Telenor 3G and found it banned. Further PTCL confirmed that they are managing the filters due to which users are able to access. Once these filters are finalized, YouTube will entirely be blocked from access.

Although users are able to access the site without using any proxy or vpn on their Android devices which got Wifi-Hotspot.

Just to recall, YouTube was banned due to some blasphemous content/videos posted. PTA decided to ban entire site rather than those content.

Since people are still able to access to site, we think there is no such need for it. If the content are being shared, the said content should be banned.

Users have also said, they used to find very informative material and still they use for the purpose of Information or Entertainment rather than using it for abusive purpose.

However there are also other sites who are also providing YouTube videos even you don’t need to access from any proxy or any resources.

In the last, if the YouTube got opened, it was for temporary and there is no official news regarding lifting ban from it.

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